Cut the Rope

    We are all going through so many trials and storms, but many, or maybe even most of them, were brought on by our own doing.  Regardless of how we got into this trial, we can know that we have a God who will help us and walk us through each one, for He has assured us that He will never leave us. ~Heb.13:5~ We must also know that He does the same for our loved ones, and He will walk through each trial and storm that our loved ones go through. Of course, most of these storms that come, come through those we are closest to; our husbands, wives, children, parents, friends, boy or girl friends, [...]

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    We do have power to save our souls, in  fact, God has put this power in us when He saved our spirit being, making us a new creation in Christ.    I really believe this is what causes so many of God's born again believers to think they are total failures and even unsaved.  We must study the Word of God to find its true meaning.  There is a very big difference between soul and spirit, therefore, let us take in to account the fact that we are made in God's image.   Gen.1:26 We are a spirit being. John 3:6 We possess a soul  (mind, will and )  Heb.4:12 We live in a body   1 Cor.6:19[...]

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