There are so many Proverbs from many of the different cultures of the world and I collect them when I find one. I believe Proverbs are wisdom speaking to us.   

      Prov.5:1,2...Dear friend, pay close attention to this, my wisdom, listen very closely to the way I see it. 2-Then you'll acquire a taste for good sense, what I tell you will keep you out of trouble.    

      I am going to ask you all a question about when you were younger. How many times can you recall your mom or dad telling you to please listen to what they are trying to teach you, because they have been down that road, and know where it ends?  My folks never really admitted to me they had  "been there, done that" but I did get the plea from them to please listen to their warning.

      Today, I remember those words of warning with wisdom mingled through them, and now have to admit that what they said was true, but I sure wasn't ready to listen when I was young. In fact, I thought I knew everything. They couldn't tell me anything, for I thought they were waaaay behind the times. They sure grew up and got smart when I turned about twenty three or twenty four.    

      Prov.5:3-14... is talking about adultery, and love, and strange women. I want to talk just a moment about this because of so much of this today. I believe that what happens in the marriage, is that there will be the everyday life problems that everyone goes through, but there comes a moment when someone steps into your life, who will be willing to listen and let you cry on their shoulders. This can be either man or woman. When we are already having problems at home, and someone is willing to listen to them, they can plant their seeds (words) of understanding, and next thing you know, they start looking better, smelling better, and they seem to really understand. They understand you and listen more than your spouse. And besides that, they take better care of themselves. Their hair, clothes, and make-up is flawless and they carry themselves so correctly.  Then as time goes on, you start daydreaming about them when you are at home, especially when something unpleasant occurs. The next thing you find yourself meeting them for lunch or break time.  One word leads to another, and the words that you spent on them should have been spent on the one at home. You start telling that person the complaints against your spouse, all that the spouse does that irritates you, and you are breaking a trust with your spouse, by telling things that should only be between you and the spouse. That old euphemism, The Grass is Greener on the Other Side, comes true, and the next thing you know you are in a full blown affair, breaking the most precious covenant that you had made with your God and your spouse. 

       When all the dark secret things you are doing comes out in the open (for they will), and things start getting rough, you will find this person that you had the affair with, has their STUFF too, and they see your STUFF, for the truth will come out. They too have bad breath in the a.m., their hair looks like a bale of hay with the wire busted on it too! And you thought the first one could NAG!!  You will find the grass that was greener needs to be mowed more often than the older grass, and you may be running out of gas for your lawnmower, and the blade may need sharpened, and you need a new spark-plug. 

      And the one you have spent the years with and had the children with, is still the person you knew them to be. They were the ones who washed your dirty underwear, smelled your breath in the morning, smelled your dirty feet in the evening, and other smelly sh......tuff, and even clipped your toe-nails when you ask them to, and they loved you.  Or they seen your hair in curlers, or when it looked like a bale of hay with the wire broken on it; watched you put on your holy underwear, and seen you just plain wore out and tired, but they still loved you anyway.

      The most important advice that anyone could give to anyone getting married today is to make sure the one you are wanting is the one God has chosen for you. This is your insurance card from God, and seriously consider a Christian marriage counselor before you jump the broom.

      That old Proverb...an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is words of much wisdom.  2 Cor.6:14...Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness (saved) With lawlessness (unsaved)? And what communion has light (believer) with darkness (unbeliever)? I believe this is not only speaking to the married couples but for all of Christ's Followers.

      One of the best words I have heard to fit this Scripture is: "A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her." unquote... Max Lucado  

             And the most important advice for those who are married and having some problems; Seek God and His word, go to the one you are joined to in marriage, and talk it out; pray it out...together...another wise saying...the family who prays together stays together.

      God is for the marriage, Satan is against it. God wants to unite; Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy and divide.  And know that when you have set your mind to stay in this because you have committed to the Lord, and then live in the word, love unselfishly, and trust in the LORD, then  He will bless it. Eph.5:22-33

      I want to remind you, it is not just the sanctity of the marriage that Satan is out to destroy, it is also the family. Satan hates families. He has no family, not any who loves him anyway. He hates love, and he hates that God loves us.

      Our children, no matter their ages, hate and fear divorce. The unity of their mother and father is their security in this world. When they see unity, and stay togetherness, no matter the circumstances, they feel safe.  

      Prov. 11:29..He who troubles his own house will inherit the wind; Prov. 19:13b...And the contentions of a wife are a continual dripping. Prov.15:1...A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.  There are quite a few scriptures about this as we will see them through this study.

      I heard a funny story told about a married couple who just bickered and complained all the time, Both of them! Their names were Hilda and Sven. They complained and nagged about everything, nothing was ever right. One day Hilda told Sven, "Sven, I think I have the solution to our problems. We just can't seem to get along without complaining, and we can't even sit down and eat together. We do our praying separate, our devotions apart, we are just not together with this, and I have decided that what we should do is just pray and ask God to take one of us home to be with Him and then I will go live with my sister." REALLY LAUGHING OUT LOUD! 

      When talking to those who have been married for thirty, forty, fifty, sixty and some even seventy years, they will tell you that it was not always easy,  they too, had went through some very hard and lean years, but they had made this commitment and they stuck together. I can personally testify, that when we give up on the marriage and move on, we will take all of the stuff that was left unfixed with us into the second, or third and even fourth marriages, for we continually have the same problems.  We will have to come to the realization that it maybe wasn't just the other person's faults that caused the divorce....it was ours too! 

      Those who have stuck it out seems to have this hidden wisdom that THIS TOO SHALL PASS, and it does. I know that many of you will say, YEAH BUT, but I will say, Were you really living in forgiveness?  Were you keeping track of offense?  Were you always walking in love?  Were you first married to God, and then the spouse?  Who came first in your life?      God hates divorce!  Mal.2:16... But HE loves the divorcee!

      So, move on, but before even considering making this commitment again, fall into love with God. Let Him heal you and mend this brokenness that is deep within before you make the same mistake again. 


    ~~~ Col. 2:2,3...That their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the knowledge of the mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge